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Backflow Prevention

Any connection to Sydney Water’s pipes, including fire services, need to be protected by installing backflow prevention devices. Backflow devices are fitted at the boundary of your property or commercial premises to prevent contaminated water flowing into the public water supply. 

Backflow may happen when the water from your property unintentionally flows backwards into the public water supply and can result in contaminated water being drawn back into the public water supply causing people to become ill from drinking the unclean water.

Sydney Water regulations require for backflow prevention devices to be tested annually and when first installed.


Premises that may need a Backflow Device

Premises that may Need a Backflow Device
Due to the serious consequences of the backflow of water into Sydney’s water supply, it is extremely important backflow prevention devices are installed by certified professionals and tested yearly. Some types of premises that may require backflow prevention devices include:

Cafes and restaurants
Shopping centres and high-rise buildings.
Mechanic workshops
Car washes
Swimming pools
Laundries and dry cleaners
Golf courses or sporting ovals
Caravan parks
Manufacturing premises
Medical facilities such as hospitals and veterinary clinics
Chemical plants


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Work Regard Plumbing & Civil are licensed and certified backflow prevention device testers.

Servicing areas across the Southcoast in the Shoalhaven and Illawarra regions.


We install, service and test backflow devices. If you require backflow device installation or if it’s time for your annual backflow device testing, please contact Work Regard Plumbing & Civil.

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