Section 73 Certificate

You may need a Section 73 Certificate if your new development or subdivision will impact on a Sydney Water asset and pipes.

Types of developments that may require a section 73 certificate can include

Dual occupancy, Land Subdivision, Construction of a new residential building and Commercial or industrial building.

Strata Concepts T/A Work Regard Civil have undertaken the specialised training and are a certified and fully accredited Sydney Water Major and Minor Works Constructors and are qualified to meet all your water construction requirements. 

Our team specialises in the construction of new water mains, adjustments, and upgrades to existing water mains, along with property main to meter connections.


Major and Minor Sydney Water Works 

We have a dedicated team of specialists for our Sydney Water Major and Minor works construction projects and Section 73 Compliance.


We are equipped with the qualifications and credibility required to work alongside water service coordinators, to complete Sydney Water minor and major works. 


Our management and quality assurance services ensure projects are completed to specification ensuring any development has the appropriate water supply, wastewater, and drainage connections available and preventing the new building from affecting any Sydney Water Assets.


Sydney Water Accredited

Accredited plumbers have proven to Sydney Water that they have completed the required training and have shown the capabilities, qualifications, and experience essential to carry out these specialised works. 

Strata Concepts T/A Work Regard Civil are an accredited Sydney Water Constructor in the following Categories

PE - Pipe System

LP - Pressure Sewer Systems

S1 - Sewerage Reticulation DN 150-300

S2 - Sewer Standard DN 375-750

W1 - Water Reticulation DN 100-375

D1 - Water Service Connections

MS - Minor Sewer

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